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4/17/2015 » 4/19/2015
FPS 2015 Spring CME Meeting

Corporate Partners

Welcome to the Florida Psychiatric Society!

We are a professional association committed to continuously improving the ability of our more than 1,000 psychiatrist members to provide quality treatment for persons with mental illnesses.

Florida Psychiatric Society is the professional organization for all of Florida's psychiatrists from Key West to Pensacola. The activities of the FPS are coordinated from our staff office in Tallahassee, Florida. The Council directs the activities of the Executive Director. Staff duties in support of those activities are then assigned by the Executive Director. The FPS also contracts for the services of our Government Relations Consultant, the registered lobbyist for the society.

APA Announces Approval of Distinguished Fellows and Fellows

FPS extends congratulations to the members below that have been approved by the APA Board for the following categories: 

 Distinguished Fellows

Dawn-Christi M. Bruijnzeel, MD


Manal M. Durgin, MD

Laura J. Elder, MD

Cheryl L. Gonzales-Nolas, MD

Christine A. Grissom, MD


Jacqueline A. Hobbs, MD, PhD

F. Andrew Kozel, MD

Juandalyn R. Peters, MD

Caryn B. Schorr, MD

Oscar M. Villaverde, MD




Distinguished Life Fellow

M. Khaled El-Yousef, MD



Micah D. Baxley, MD

Anna Binder, MD

Jacqueline Boutrouille, MD

Anthony Campo, MD



Brian K. Cooke, MD

Mario S. Cuervo, MD

Pritha R. Dhungana, MD

Kelly L. Dunn, MD


Sarah M. Fayad, MD

Harris E. Feinstein, MD

Jamie W. Fernandez, MD

Alan K. Hagstrom, MD



William M. Hervey, MD

Rosario B. Hidalgo, MD

Mary L. Hutcheson, MD

Nayyer Iqbal, MD



Thomas P. Jacob, MD

Arline M. Kenneth, MD

Debra F. Kirsch, MD


Jeffrey Krotenberg, DO


Mery J. Lossada, MD

Catrina N. Luca, MD

Raju P. Mangrola, MD

Laura M. Mayol-Sabatier, MD


D. Jeffrey Newport, MD

Autumn Ning, MD

Alexander G. Perez, MD

Ajith K. Potluri, MD


RiazRahman, MD

Mariam Rahmani, MD

Onelia H. Ramirez-Cook, MD

Lina M. Reyes, MD



Reham A. A. Sadek, MD


Teri P. Saveanu, MD

Phillip J. Seibell, MD

Michael A. Shapiro, MD

Michael C. Stevens, MD

Janet E. Strozeski, MD

Phyliss N. Taylor, MD

Joycelyn H. Vanterpool, MD


Elizabeth Vidal, MD

Kelley A. Yokum, MD

Jose Tomas Zaglul, MD



Life Fellows

Charles C. Barton, MD

Sayers R. Brenner, MD

Steven O. Speiser, MD

Frank N. Trovato, MD


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