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Hurricane Irma and Harvey
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Hurricanes and Other Disasters

Disasters can take on many forms, from weather-related to terrorist or accidental disasters. They can have disastrous effects where they strike.

This past year has borne witness to some of the most devastating effects of man made and natural disasters. For most of us, disasters cause little more than a temporary disruption in our lives. But for those that are effected, basic human needs--sanitation and hygiene, infection control, water safety, immunization, and access to medical care--become the priority.

Below is an information page with helpful resources that was recently developed for Hurricane Harvey (grief and loss, evacuation centers, impact of chemical spills from flooding, leadership support and consultation, among others). The content should be very applicable following Hurricane Irma.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management website,, has a wealth of information including key contacts in your county. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) continues to assist communities affected by Hurricane Irma. The latest news from HHS, information about cleaning up and staying safe after the storm, mental and behavioral health information, food and water safety and much more can be found hereSAMHSA's page on hurricanes and tropical storms has additional information about who is most at risk for emotional distress after a disaster and where to get help.

Visit to find out how you can assist with disaster relief anywhere in Florida, or check out the Medical Reserve Corps here.

Other resources: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control:; FEMA: www.fema.govThe American Red Cross:

Being prepared for a disaster will not prevent everything, but it can certainly ease some of the aftershock. For information on trauma caused by disasters, and the recovery process, see the links below:

Words Matter: A Guide to Reporting on Mental Health Conditions

SAMHSA Behavioral Health Disaster Response App.


Guidance to All Providers Regarding Provision of Services During Hurricane Irma:
This Guidance Applies for Both Fee-For-Service and Managed Care Providers

APA’s Response to Natural Disasters and How You Can Help

The APA Foundation has created a fund to provide desperately needed services to those impacted by major disasters. To contribute, please visit the Foundation’s Disaster Relief page

If you're looking for a local charity to support in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, you may want to consider Houston Food Bank or Food Bank of Corpus Christi. These organizations are in the most-affected areas and are providing support to individuals. For a list of other reputable charities, please visit Charity Navigator.

The Texas Office of the Governor temporarily suspended all necessary statutes and rules to allow health care providers employed by a hospital and licensed and in good standing in another state to practice in Texas in order to assist with the Tropical Depression Harvey disaster response operations.

If you want to assist, the Red Cross is recruiting for health care volunteers to deploy to Texas and other areas that may be impacted by Irma. 

APA continues to work closely with District Branches directly impacted by a disaster to provide resources and financial assistance. As volunteer opportunities for members become available, we will provide additional information on our website and through the District Branches.

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Restoring Wellbeing in Children After Disaster PDF (229.09 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Recovery After Witnessing a Traumatic Event PDF (75.21 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Providing Safety Recovery and Hope to Communities PDF (219.89 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
PFA Support Well Being of Disaster Victims PDF (103.04 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Stress Management after Disaster PDF (92.91 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
In the Wake of Tragedy PDF (138.78 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Funerals and Memorials Part of Recovery PDF (90.91 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Communication Anticipating Responding to Stressful PDF (98.98 KB)  more ] Administration 6/20/2016

Hurricane Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ATSDR_RELOCATION_STRESS.pdf PDF (471.21 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
CSTS_Addressing_Needs_of_Mentally_Ill.pdf PDF (116.25 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
CSTS_PFA_Helping_Community_and_Families_Recove.pdf PDF (118.68 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
CSTS_Managing_Stress_of_Children_After_Disaste.pdf PDF (83.14 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
CSTS_Helping_Students_After_Disaster.pdf PDF (105.09 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
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