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 Florida Psychiatric Society Annual Member Awards 


Who has inspired you? The Florida Psychiatric Society is will be seeking nominations and applications for several awards given by FPS to recognize and appreciate members who have made outstanding contributions in the field of psychiatry. Our success depends on our members leading advances in both practice and theory, demonstrating leadership, and generating sustainable impact in the field of psychiatry. This is your opportunity to recognize colleagues who have made a difference to you and the psychiatric community.


At the end of this page is a list of ways to nominate a fellow FPS Member. You may select one or more physicians for one or more categories. Submit a separate nomination form for each person and award category. Nominations are reviewed and the recipient selected by the Programs and Meetings Committee to be awarded at the FPS Spring Meeting.



Practitioner of the Year Award

This FPS member has projected an accurate image of psychiatry through clinical practice. Examples are, but are not limited to:

  • Participation in formal education activities. Audiences will include other professional groups, patient advocacy groups, and the general public
  • Activity with patient advocacy groups – National Alliance on Mental Illness; Mental Health America; Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance; ChADD and others
  • Activity in the Florida Medical Association and the county medical society
  • Activity in legislative affairs, local and state political activities, service on local or state advisory boards and other community organizations
  • Other activities that increase awareness of mental illnesses, advances in treatment and support or recovery activities

2020 Recipient: Caryn Schorr, M.D., DFAPA
2018 Recipient: Debra M. Barnett, M.D.

2017 Recipient: Jacqueline A. Hobbs, MD, PhD, DFAPA



Friendship Award

The Friendship Award is for an FPS member who has promoted appropriate treatment of persons with mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders to otherorganizations. Examples are, but are not limited to:

  • Participation in civic organizations
  • Taking part in and/or supporting activities of charitable and/or religious organizations
  • Serving on hospital committees and/or boards
  • Showcasing and sharing examples of best psychiatric policies and practices
  • Encouraging and mentoring potential psychiatrists

2020 Recipient: Ethan Kass, DO, MBA, DFAPA
2018 Recipient: Ryan C.W. Hall, MD, DFAPA

2017 Recipient: S. Reddy Pasem, MD, DLFAPA



Public Service Award

This Award is for an FPS member who has educated the public about psychiatry either directly or indirectly and has provided exemplary activity in the wider area of public service. Examples are, but are not limited to:

  • Presentations at or participation in a public educational forum and/or community event
  • Establishing media contacts – online, print, radio and/or television
  • Taking part in and/or supporting national, state or international humanitarian efforts.
  • Creating a greater awareness of the role psychiatry plays in society
  • Initiating activities and initiatives to promote psychiatry

2020 Recipient: Cassandra Newkirk, M.D., DLFAPA
2018 Recipient: Joseph E. Thornton, M.D.



 You can nominate someone in several ways.

  • Fill out the online submission form below.
  • Download this Nomination Form (PDF) and email it to
  • Fax it to the Florida Psychiatric Society at 850-224-8406
  • Mail to 521 East Park Avenue, Tallahassee, Florida 32301
  • If you are attending an FPS meeting, submit a form on-site for the following year.


Forms need to be received by March 1, 2021 in order to be announced at the next Spring Meeting.


Final due date to receive nominations for the year will be three weeks before our annual Spring meeting.

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