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Intro to FPS Advocacy

How FPS advocates for quality and accessible mental health care in Florida


What we do

  • We help FPS members meet with their local state legislators either in Tallahassee or at their local district offices, and help those members as they prepare for their meeting, with tips and effective talking points.
  • Our lobbying team attends legislative committee meetings and meets with legislators and other policymakers to ensure that they have the facts and a clear understanding of how legislative decisions will affect patients, healthcare providers, and others. 
  • We track and monitor legislation that affects the practice of psychiatry and mental health care in Florida. We communicate timely and accurate information to FPS members in a weekly legislative update during Florida’s legislative session.
  • We maintain a political committee (FPS PAC) that ensures Senators and Representatives elected throughout Florida understand the psychiatry profession and how legislation affects FPS members and psychiatric patients. We support those state legislative candidates who, in turn, support the views of our profession, and the practice of medicine. Our goal is to ensure that statewide elected officials, Senators and Representatives will fairly and equitably represent FPS’s best interests at the state Capital.

The Issues

We follow legislation filed at the state level which addresses a variety of important issues related to mental health care and the medical profession. Among FPS’s priorities are: prescribing of controlled substances, mental health parity, suicide prevention, conversion therapy, health insurance reform, solutions to address the opioid epidemic, access to mental health treatment, practice requirements for health care practitioners, impaired practitioner programs, the Baker Act, and many more.

Why our Advocacy is Important and Necessary

Advocating for our profession allows Florida legislators to have a clearer, firsthand understanding of the critical issues impacting mental health care and the practice of psychiatry in Florida. Effectively communicating with our elected officials or agency leadership on how proposed legislation or agency rules impact the practice of psychiatry and patient care in real life terms in our day-to-day practices. This firsthand knowledge can help guide legislators and agency regulators in creating and supporting policies that protect both the practice of psychiatry and the care of patients. It is crucial that we raise our collective voices to ensure that mental health policies and resources continue to grow in ways that are truly in the best interest of our state.

Ways to Support the Cause

Florida Psychiatric Society members can view a full list of advocacy opportunities available at the state and local level by visiting here.

Florida Psychiatrists who are not members of FPS are welcome and encouraged to join our Society in order to join our efforts and to receive timely and relevant updates on legislation that affects the practice. You can explore the FPS Member Benefits here, and join through the APA here.

Anyone can make a donation to the FPS PAC or 50 Minute Club here. Both funds help ensure the integrity of the practice of Psychiatry in Florida through different means. 50 Minute Club donations are tax-deductible!

Regardless of your membership status at FPS, or ability to formally take action, we encourage everyone to stay involved and continue to have conversations about mental health policy in your community and our state.

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