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Are you a member who is not receiving email and/or paper mail from FPS?

Several things may be preventing our communications from reaching you. For example, we could have the wrong contact information, or the mail might have bounced.

First, please check that we have your correct contact information.

To check if we have your correct information, please log in on the right side of the screen. Then, click "Edit Bio" under "Manage Profile." Review your information, and make any changes necessary. Remember to click "Save Changes" when you're finished!

Was your email already correct?

Please first check your spam folder to make sure the emails are not being sent there. You can search for,, and which are the addresses most of our correspondence is sent through.

Another possibility is that your server is marking the emails as spam. This is especially common for university or hospital email addresses. You can whitelist,, and to ensure that you get all emails. For instructions on how to whitelist in most email providers, please click here.

Lastly, your email may have been removed from our mailing list at request. To get re-added, please send an email to and we will get that taken care of.

Was your mailing or email address already correct?

Please email to inquire about the issue.


Are you a non-member who wants to join our mailing list?

By filling out the contact form below, you can get email updates about events and other major announcements.If you wish to receive all updates about legislation, practice information, and FPS activities, please become a member through APA.

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