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Hurricanes and Other Disaster Resources
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Disasters can take on many forms, from weather-related to terrorist or accidental disasters. They can have disastrous effects where they strike.

This past year has borne witness to some of the most devastating effects of man made and natural disasters. For most of us, disasters cause little more than a temporary disruption in our lives. But for those that are effected, basic human needs--sanitation and hygiene, infection control, water safety, immunization, and access to medical care--become the priority.

For general guidance on handling a variety of factors related to disaster, the APA has a Disaster Response Handbook that covers short-term and long-term recovery goals, assisting adults, networking with the community, potential hurdles to recovery, media, and more.

Hurricanes and other Natural Disasters

Other resources

Ways to help

  • Visit to find out how you can assist with disaster relief anywhere in Florida
  • Volunteer or partner with the Medical Reserve Corps.
  •  The Florida Department of Health advises physicians who would like to provide volunteer medical services for victims of Hurricanes to contact their regional DOH Volunteer Health Services (VHS) offices. Click here to download a staff directory with contact information for each VHS regional office. You can also contact your county health department.

School Shootings


In response to the tragic shootings at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress has created resource page with information and educational fact sheets. These resources provide disaster mental health information to assist families, responders, community leaders, and healthcare providers in response and recovery efforts. The resource page can found HERE.

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress
Advancing Psychological Health and Resilience through Trauma Research, Education, and Consultation


Other Resources

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Restoring Wellbeing in Children After Disaster PDF (229.09 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Recovery After Witnessing a Traumatic Event PDF (75.21 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Providing Safety Recovery and Hope to Communities PDF (219.89 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
PFA Support Well Being of Disaster Victims PDF (103.04 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Stress Management after Disaster PDF (92.91 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
In the Wake of Tragedy PDF (138.78 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Funerals and Memorials Part of Recovery PDF (90.91 KB) Administration 6/20/2016
Communication Anticipating Responding to Stressful PDF (98.98 KB)  more ] Administration 6/20/2016

Hurricane Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ATSDR_RELOCATION_STRESS.pdf PDF (471.21 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
CSTS_Addressing_Needs_of_Mentally_Ill.pdf PDF (116.25 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
CSTS_PFA_Helping_Community_and_Families_Recove.pdf PDF (118.68 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
CSTS_Managing_Stress_of_Children_After_Disaste.pdf PDF (83.14 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
CSTS_Helping_Students_After_Disaster.pdf PDF (105.09 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
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