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Online CME: Physician Wellness

Online CME: Psychiatric Practice During COVID-19

9/25/2020 » 9/27/2020
Fall 2020 CME Meeting & EXPO

Mission Statement

Who We Are:

The Florida Psychiatric Society is a professional association committed to continuously improving the ability of its more than 1,300 members to provide quality psychiatric services to persons in need and their families.

Florida Psychiatric Society is the professional organization for all of Florida's psychiatrists from Key West to Pensacola. The activities of the FPS are coordinated from our staff office in Tallahassee, Florida. The Council directs the activities of the Executive Director. Staff duties in support of those activities are then assigned by the Executive Director. The FPS also contracts for the services of our Government Relations Consultants, the registered lobbyists for the society.

Our Mission and Philosophy: The mission and philosophy of the Florida Psychiatric Society are clearly addressed in its Articles of Incorporation, Article II, Section 1:

Section 1. "The purposes of the Florida Psychiatric Society are to foster the science and progress of psychiatry, in cooperation with and as a constituent part of the American Psychiatric Association; to serve as an influence toward the maintenance of high professional, clinical, educational, research and administrative standards; to provide appropriate services to the members of the Florida Psychiatric Society, and to assist the American Psychiatric Association in promoting its purposes, which are:

a) to improve the treatment, rehabilitation, and care of persons with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, and emotional disorders

b) to promote research, professional education in psychiatry and allied fields, and the prevention of psychiatric disorders;

c) to advance the standards of all psychiatric services and facilities;

d) to foster the cooperation of all who are concerned with the medical, psychological, social, and legal aspects of mental health and illness;

e) to make psychiatric knowledge available to other practitioners of medicine, to scientists in other fields of knowledge, and to the public, and

f) to promote the best interests of patients and of those actually or potentially making use of mental health services."

The FPS is an independent organization, a component of our national parent organization, and the parent of our chapter organizations. The success of FPS is the result of our ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with our members, local chapters, patient advocacy groups, the American Psychiatric Association, the Florida Medical Association, the Florida Legislature and public policy makers.

Chapters: Our members are involved in the FPS through the activities of local chapters, the semi-annual scientific meetings of the membership, and the governance of FPS. Chapters are the local, grassroots arm of FPS. There are 11 chapters which are defined by their geographic regions. Each Chapter elects a President who serves on the FPS Council.

Meetings: Semiannual meetings of the FPS are held in the spring and fall. They include meetings of the Committees and the Components of the organization and the business meeting of the general membership. There is a scientific program that provides Continuing Medical Education credits. Non-members are invited to register and attend the scientific programs.

Governance: The FPS is governed by a Council composed as stipulated in organizational documents. The Council meets four times a year (at each Semiannual meeting and two interim Council meetings). Interim communication by the Executive Committee allows society activities to be expedited.

Alliances: The FPS and Chapters maintain a strong organizational relationship with the Mental Health Association, the Florida Alliance of the Mentally Ill, the Depressive/Manic-Depressive Association, and Consumer Action Councils. Our Executive Director meets regularly with representatives of these groups.

Relationship to American Psychiatric Association: In 1956 the society became a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association. This means that membership categories and certain membership procedures are assigned by the APA. The FPS must conduct its business in a manner which does not conflict with the Constitution and By-Laws of the APA, and supports APA approved policies and positions. FPS members are encouraged to provide input into the development of APA policy as individuals and through FPS Representatives to the Assembly. These representatives have voice and vote in the Assembly.

The FPS participates in the APA legislative and public affairs networks. Designated representatives serve as members of these national networks and provide supportive activities in the areas of legislative advocacy and public information and education.

As a district branch of the APA, the FPS is also a member of the APA regional structure, belonging to Area V, the Southeast. The FPS Representatives to the Assembly serve on the Area V Council. An Area Representative and Deputy Representative serve on the Assembly Executive Council and are elected by members of the Area V Council.

Relationship to Florida Medical Association: The members of Florida Psychiatric Society are involved in the activities of their county medical societies and the Florida Medical Association. We regularly present a scientific program at the meeting of the FMA. Psychiatrists who are representing their county medical societies meet at the Psychiatric Caucus to coordinate the voice of psychiatry in the activities of the FMA.

Staff: The activities of the FPS are coordinated from our staff office in Tallahassee, Florida. We employ an Executive Director and an Associate Director full time along with a part-time Director of Member Services . The Council directs the activities of the Executive Director. Staff duties in support of those activities are then assigned by the Executive Director. The FPS also contracts for the services of our Government Relations Consultant, the registered lobbyist for the society.

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